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Karate for Everyone


A fun, Korean style 8-wk program offered to all ranks of students
ages 7 & up to learn Karate!  The class blends Korean Karate with
Hapkido and Judo.
Held on Mondays and Thursdays, this class is a great start 
to learn the basics along with grappling, sparring, and much more.


Students learn self-defense, build on self-esteem, and apply
self-control in situations that may arise either verbal or physical. 


Uniforms are now optional for students.  They can be purchased
through the instructor.

Testing Fees

If a student wishes to test into another belt level, the testing fee is
paid to the instructor.

Multiple Student Discount

First student is full price, 2nd student add $68.00 (20% off)
and 3rd student add $60.00 (30% off).
If you register online for multiple students, be sure to use the
drop down box so the correct payment amount will be charged.

We will be taking the Summer off for Karate.  See you again
this Fall!!
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