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Karate for Everyone

 : Cancelled for Monday, Oct. 26

A fun, Korean style 10-wk program offered to all ranks of students ages 7 & up 
to learn Karate!  The class blends Korean Karate with Hapkido and Judo.
Held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Memorial Rec. Bldg., this class is a
great start  for the students to learn the basics along with grappling, sparring, and
much more.


Students learn self-defense, build on self-esteem, and apply
self-control in situations that may arise either verbal or physical. 

Uniforms, Patches, Testing Fees

The cost for uniforms, patches, and testing fees are not included in with the program registration
fee.  If a student wishes to purchase any of these options, please see the instructor for pricing.

Registration: the class is now filled
TIMES: 5:30-6:30pm
DATES: Sep 14 to Nov 18