Foot & Bicycle Trails

  • McCulloch Main Trail: 2.3 mile trail of asphalt and crusher fine material running along the west of McCulloch going south to Sweetwater Dr.
  • McCulloch Main Phase 2 Trail: 2.3 mile trail made of asphalt and crusher fine material that connects to the main trail.  Starting on the west side of McCulloch between Palmer Lake and Baldwyn Drs.  It travels 1 mile then south ending with the connection of the main trail near Coral Dr.

People bicycling and jogging on a paved trail

  • McCulloch Main Phase 3 Trail: 2 mile asphalt and crusher fine trail starting at Purcell going south of Hahn's Peak Ave. traveling west to Liberty Point International middle school.  It connects with the Safe Routes to School trail traveling from Joe Martinez and John Powell Blvd. west to the main McCulloch trail.

  • Safe Routes to School Trail: 1/2 mile trail that completes main McCulloch trail south from Liberty Point International to Joe Martinez Blvd. crossing north to John Powell, tying into the main trail.

  • Sierra Vista Trail: a 1-mile trail of asphalt and crusher fine material going the east side of Spaulding Ave. (by Capistrano Ave.), traveling north to the opposite side of Spaulding Ave.  This trail gives children a safe walk to school.

  • Desert Sage Trail: 1-1/2 mile crusher material trail connecting McCulloch Phase 3 trail on John Powell Blvd. traveling south to Coral Dr.  It offers a great scenic route.

  • SDS Trail: 5.1 miles of crusher material on the north side of Highway 50.  Starting at Holiday Dr. traveling north to the Pueblo West border.

  • Civic Center Park Trail: crusher material that follows the perimeter of the park for about 1 mile in length.

  • Cattail Crossing Pond Trail: a nice walking trail around the pond, located at Joe Martinez and McCulloch Blvd., made of concrete.   About 3-1/3 times around equals a mile.


Pueblo West was designed as an equine friendly community with many miles of equestrian easements that span throughout the development. Equestrian easements connect together to allow continuous trails in all directions of the 45 miles the community covers. Acreage lots provide horse owners the option of stabling their horses on their property, in their own back yard.
People ride horses near a body of water

Scenic Views

The Wet Mountains to the Southwest and Pike’s Peak to the north of the community provide beautiful vistas as you ride along the trails. The varying terrain of the easements allow for horseback riders to experience whatever difficulty of a ride they wish to experience.

Park & Wildlife Access

Easy access to the Pueblo State Park and Wildlife areas following Turkey Creek allows riders to ride into these pristine areas any month of the year.

Signage & Maintenance

Horse crossing signs have recently been installed along the busier roadways to allow safer equestrian crossing. More easements are being maintained on a regular basis to allow for easy visibility and safety. Horse riders share the easements with walkers and bicycle riders.

Future Trails

We do have an additional 7 miles of trails that will be grant funded in the next few years. At that time, we will update our website with that information. Happy Trails!