Community Roundtables

Hosted the first Monday of every month - 5:30-7pm
This is a community event hosted by Pueblo West Metro to share ideas, bring solutions and connect with neighbors. 
  1. February Roundtable

Recap of February's Community Roundtable: 

Topics: (in no particular order)

1. Roads
a. Maintenance and safety

2. Covenant Enforcement
a. Equality and efficiency

3. Communications
a. Tools and improve the PW App
b. Hear from directors and managers

4. Funding the District
a. Tax allocation to County
b. Where does our money go?
c. Budget distribution

5. Project Process
a. Timeline and Status
b. Who to contact?
c. Process

6. Public Process
a. How to navigate the District
b. When to approach the Board
c. Understanding each step of the way

7. Master Plan
a. What is the long term plan?
b. What are the development plans and when can we learn about them?
c. Economic Development vision

8. Neighborhood Watch
a. Get more neighbors involved
b. Safety and communication among neighborhoods

Other Topics not selected but still relevant:

1. How to get more young people involved

2. Transparency

3. Keep open spaces even as the community develops more

4. Low Property Taxes