Development Process during COVID-19

Development Review Process

 (example is a new residential home that requires a driveway access permit)

1)  Submit a driveway access permit with attached check to the dropbox at 781 E. Industrial, in addition to the COA application (which can be found on our website:

a. Your check and driveway access permit will be processed and reviewed by the appropriate departments to verify compliance with roadway standards and perform the initial site visit.

b. If the application is fully compliant, the accepted permit will be mailed or emailed to the applicant.  

2) Submit an application for a new home build (or other application) with attached check to the dropbox at 781 E. Industrial

a. If the application is fully compliant with the Declaration of Reservations, it will be accepted by administrative approval or put on the agenda for a COA meeting provided all engineering requirements have been met. 

b. Staff will follow up via phone or email with the applicant for questions or direction. Agenda is posted on the website:

c. Once approved by the COA Committee, the applicant will be contacted and it will also be posted online

d. All final documents will be mailed to the applicant

3) After completion of the COA process, construction and the final inspection of the driveway access permit, the applicant will submit the final regional building routing sheet and any checks needed for extra inspections to the dropbox at 781 E Industrial, or the applicant can submit the routing sheet via email to Terri O’Donnell at

a. During the construction phase, Engineering staff will conduct pre-inspections and final inspections upon request from the applicant or their contractor.  Staff will notify the applicant/contractor and return via email the signed routing sheet. 

4) Water tap requests call to make an appointment #719-547-5000 option 2 or leave voicemail

  1. Appointments will only be scheduled on Mondays. 
  2. Upon arrival of your appointment, ring the doorbell at 20 W. Palmer Lake
  3. Bring in necessary fees and paperwork