Other Services in the Streets and Roads Division

Dust Mitigation

The Streets and Roads Dept strives to provide some amount of dust mitigation, as available resources allows. Working with the Engineering Dept, gravel roads are evaluated for traffic volume, posted speeds limits, and overall condition of roads. It is not financially feasible to provide mitigation on all gravel roads. Usually the roads designated as collector roads, ie roads moving a significant volume of traffic onto arterial paved roads, are scheduled for dust mitigation. Mitigation is usually done in the warmer months of the year.  

Dead Animal Removal

Residents of the District can contact the Streets and Roads Dept to report dead animals that are in the road or rights-of-way. Streets and Roads staff will prioritize the pickup and removal of dead animals as they impact traffic and safety of our community.  

For dead animals on private property, removal and disposal is typically the responsibility of the property owner. Please follow Pueblo County Health Department guidelines, which can be found on their website, or by calling them at 719-583-4998 for further information.  

Tree Trimming/public right-of-ways

The Streets and Roads Dept staff are actively seeking out and removing all overgrown trees and shrubs located in the public right of ways that present a safety hazard. These include street signs that are covered, stop signs, and speed or hazard warning signs. Residents are encouraged to contact the Streets and Roads Dept to report this kind of condition, and where it is located.

Abandoned trash/illegally dumped trash

Trash that is located in public right of ways can be reported as well. Please try to provide any information you may have as to the party you believe may have dumped the trash. The Metro District will work with local law enforcement to hold those accountable who are illegally dumping throughout the District.