6A Oversight Group

The oversight group was created in result to the voter approved 6A initiative in 2020. The group will meet a minimum of twice a year to review and validate the expenditures of 6A revenue is in line with what the voters approved. This includes expenses related to the new construction of Fire Station 2 and its operational cost, firefighter staffing for both the new fire station as well as increasing the number of on duty firefighters per shift to meet NFPA standards, capital equipment expenses including replacing a 1978 ladder truck and future fire apparatus, and capital projects for fire stations. The group will submit an annual report for the community.

Most recent figures:

Money raised from 6A revenue in 2021: $3,395,560.64
Money spent to date: $29,270.03 (design fees)

Where are we to getting Station #2 up? 30%

Before construction could begin, we needed to have a full year of sales tax funding come in for the 2021 year to be able to begin spending. We have an RFP (request for proposal) for construction manager/contractor that was released February 28th. To date, we have done design work and hired ten new employees to begin training at our other stations to be ready once Station #2 is constructed. 

Future Timeline: 

We estimate we should have a contract finalized with a construction management firm by April 2022. From there we will have a better timeline at construction and groundbreaking. 

We will also continue a phased hiring approach to train new staff who will be assigned to Station #2. 

We want to thank our community for their continued support and in the passing of 6A. 

  1. Lauri Cozzeto

  2. David Erskine

  3. Ray Edwards

  4. Nichelle Larsen

  5. Kim Swearingen