Adult Dance Class (4240)

A 12-wk dance program for adults to learn Jazz and Country Line Dancing.
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Adult Dance$80.00

Adult Pick-up Basketball (4221)

A CO-ED leisure basketball program.
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Adult Basketbal$30.00

Brush, Glue, Spin & Shake

An art camp for kids ages 3-6yrs held on the second Friday of each month.
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Art Class$8.00

Dance Express - "Beauty & the Beast" (4240)

Dance classes for those ages 18mo. to 12yrs. And also an adult dance class for ages 15 and up.
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Tutu Caboose$70.00 other classes$88.00 Adult Dance$80.00

Fall Basketball (4222)

Our popular CO-ED recreational basketball program for kids to learn the skills to play basketball.
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yth basketball$30.00

Fall Swim- Session 1 (4212)

A class offered off season for kids to still learn to swim.
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1 student$18.00 2 students$36.00

Indoor Soccer (4225)

Co-Ed Indoor Soccer for kids.
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Indoor Soccer$30.00

Karate for Everyone (4213)

A great program for the whole family to take together! Held on Mondays and Thursdays at Cedar Ridge Elementary School.
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1 Student$86.00 2 students$154.80 3 students$215.00

Outdoor Soccer (4225)

A fun outdoor program for kids ages 5 through 12yrs. to learn to play soccer.
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PRC Open Swim Passes

Passes used only for Saturday and Sunday open swim times.
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PRC punch pass$30.00

Pre-School Pals (4212)

A fun "pre-School" like classroom activity program for kids ages 3-5yrs.
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Preschool Pals$58.00

Saturday Morning Swim Classes (4212)

Swim classes held for 3 week sessions on Saturday mornings.
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Kids Classes$16.00 Adult Class$18.00

Sign Language (4215)

A wonderful class to learn Sign Language.
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Sign Language$38.00

Volleyball (4228)

A CO-ED recreational sport to learn how to play volleyball.
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