Pueblo West Metropolitan District Administration

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District is managed by the Chief Administrator (also known as the District Manager), who has been empowered by the Pueblo West Metro Board of Directors to oversee the day-to-day functions of the District. 

Department heads and administrative support staff report to the Chief Administrator. 

The administration department is responsible for overseeing and supporting all departments and work towards the following goals:

  • Ensure the District has viable infrastructure to support residents and businesses
  • Develop a long-term fiscal sustainability plan for the District to ensure long-term viability and the ability to provide services with appropriate levels of staffing
  • Build and maintain relationships with the community and organizations
  • Allow customers to do business with us anytime from anywhere
  1. Jim Blasing

    Director of Water & Wastewater Utilities

  1. Karen Cordova

    Director of Finance

  1. Carol Cosby

    Parks Director

  1. Christian Heyn

    Interim District Manager

  1. Jessica Pankey

    Director of Human Resources