December is: "COACH-UP" month!!!

Starting December 2018 the Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Department will be holding a month-long registration for volunteer coaches to sign up for the sport they want to coach for the next year (2019). 

Whether it be football or basketball, T-Ball or Soccer, the coaches will now complete their paperwork and background checks in advance.  We will still waive the fee for the child registration and the volunteer coach will receive a free gift for signing up early!  This way too, we will know how many coaches have committed to the sport and how many participants we will take in the program.  We want all teams to have a coach.


Use our online form to submit your application and necessary paperwork to be a volunteer coach.


All volunteers that want to coach in the Pueblo West Parks and Recreation youth sports are required annually to complete the following items (please submit to online form link listed above):
*Please note: It is important to read the "Study Guide" of the online Youth Coaching Certification Clinic, BEFORE taking the "Coach Test." The study guide has information that will be covered in the test and has information that will help you become familiar with strategies, ideas, and thoughts that you can use throughout the season. A completed "Coach Certification Test" must be submitted to the Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Department before you can be considered to coach a youth team for the Parks Department. Coaches must get 24 items or more correct on the test to successfully complete the online youth coaching certification clinic. Participants who score below 24 can try again. 

Submitting the Concussion Certificate

At the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate to print (or download as a PDF via email) and return to the Parks Office as proof of passing course. You may alternatively submit your PDF of the certificate with our online form.