Animals in Pueblo West

April 2020 - We’ve started a new segment! Metro Musings. We’re listening to the community and you had a lot of questions regarding pets in Pueblo West. We listened and while we can’t meet with you in person during COVID-19, we virtually gathered our Community and Neighborhood Development Director, Sara Vaas, with the Committee of Architecture President, Bill Vickers and Land Use Inspector, Diahn Rasmussen. They’re answering your questions on what pets are allowed in Pueblo West in which zones. 

Do you have other questions for the Pueblo West Metro? Submit your questions to and we will be answering your questions in upcoming videos.

E. Land Use Areas - Residential In addition to the preceding provisions, the following shall be applicable to R-1, R-3, R-4, R-5 and R-6 areas as defined in the Pueblo County Zoning Resolution. Livestock, Poultry and Pets No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes and are not kept in quantities which create an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

A-3 and A-4 Residential- Agricultural District Not withstanding other uses permitted under the Pueblo County Zoning Resolution under this zone, upon issuance of a Zoning Permit by the County Zoning Administrator, the follow ing uses and regulations shall apply unless otherwise provided in these reservations. 1. Uses Permitted 1. Any use permitted in the R-1 Area. 2. Home occupations. One (1) professionally made sign of not to exceed six (6) square feet in area identifying and advertising products produced on the premises, or containing only the name and title or occupation of the occupant. 3. Keeping of horses on lots having an area of ½ acre or more, provided that the number of horses on any one lot or parcel shall not exceed one horse for every one-quarter (1/4) acre, or the keeping of farm animals under recognized youth programs. The keeping of farm animals shall conform to all other provisions of law governing same, and no horses, shall be kept or maintained nor any stable, barn or corral constructed within fifty (50) feet of any dwelling or other building used for human habitation, or within one hundred (100) feet of the front lot line of the lot upon which it is located or within one hundred (100) feet of any public park, school hospital or similar institution.

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