Meet the Candidates

Here is a list of the 2020 Candidates running for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District open Board of Director Seats.

Rick Dickerson

thumbnail_Rick Dickerson

My name is Rick. I have been a part of the Pueblo West community for 4 years. I am a Custom Home Designer, and therefore very involved in our quaint community. I was on the Economic Development Committee here, as well as a member of the Committee of Architects. I am also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Home Builders Association. Pueblo West has become a big part of my life; I care about our Metro District, and what happens here. I want to be the voice for our residents. I see our district growing, largely because of my line of work. I want to be part of growing it the right way. The members that know me, know that I am a good person, a kind person, and I put the good of the whole community before my wants and needs. I know Pueblo West is an amazing little place. I want to be part of keeping it that way. The growth of our community is very important to me. There are a few issues I would like to address; such as getting a new aquatic center, and the new civic center up and running. I also believe that the voting members of this community are not always properly informed about issues to be voted on. I want to make sure everybody understands exactly what they are voting on- the pros as well as the cons. As far as the Black Hills Energy debacle, this decision needs to be made by all of you- so let me be your voice.  

Shari Hajek

Shari Hajek

Hello I’m Shari Kay Manley Hajek. I am a 56 yr. old Christian and proud single mother of Boy/Girl twins. My son Shelbi works for RoMoBoCo of Pueblo West and my daughter Shandi is getting her Bachelor degree in N.M.

We have lived in Pueblo West for last 20 yrs. when I built a home for us. I may not be College educated but like all of us, I am life experience educated. I’ve worked at Lowe’s Home Improvement center for the past several years. I enjoy people,  and have worked with the public all my life, I have received 5 awards for Excellence with customers.

I would like to be a member of the Pueblo West Metro Board to listen to our community and help find a way to get things done. I support the Aquatic center because it would bring families and people together. With new businesses to grow our community. So the idea of this and a Convention center is great. Lots of jobs and new beginnings for us all.

I would like to see Pueblo and Pueblo West get out of the monopoly with Black Hills and see a public owned electric company that would allow for lower electric bills and maybe the choice of who they want for their carrier.

We have got to pitch in and get the roads paved correctly with reflection paint on them.  That way you can see at night and also in the rain and snow.                                                           I have many more ideas to enrich our community--

Josh Allison

Josh Allison PhotoI am Josh Allison, I am proudly born and raised here in Pueblo County. I left for college where I studied Business Management and Communications. I came back to Pueblo West to raise my family. I have been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s and have successfully developed and sold several businesses. I’m a family man, my greatest accomplishment and what I am most proud of is my family. I have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful daughters. I will add more fun family fun events and activities to Pueblo West. I currently own Pueblo West Storage. I have become a specialist in growing businesses and finding ways to generate more revenue in pre existing businesses without spending more money. This knowledge will help me manage and grow Pueblo West. I am in my early 30’s and I believe that gives me a unique advantage because I am young enough to understand the concerns of our younger population, mature enough to relate to our adult population and experienced enough to know how to get things done I am also a listener, I stand back and listen to others concerns and ideas before inserting myself into the issue. This has been key in being successful with solving problems and getting everyone’s ideas heard, I pride myself in my ability to listen to all advice and then put together a plan of action, which I believe is what Pueblo West is needing. I am a big supporter of the Pueblo West community, I have served on the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce Board and have helped plan and execute events here in Pueblo West. My goal is to use my experience, knowledge, and expertise to help our community grow and be the best place for my family and yours. 

James "Jim" Maggard

No bio has been submitted for James "Jim" Maggard. All candidates were contacted and given the opportunity to submit a bio and photograph. 

Tony Montoya tony Montoya

Mr. Montoya grew up in Las Animas before moving to Denver. He received a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in business from Metropolitan State College (University).  He was selected to National Urban Fellowship Program and completed a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Bernard Baruch College in New York.   Mr. Montoya served in the Colorado and New York Army National Guard after 22 years of service; he retired with the rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC-E7) and was honorably discharged in 1996.

Mr. Montoya served in administrative positions at Metropolitan State College of Denver, his last position was the Assistant Dean, School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.  Mr. Montoya accepted the position as Assistant Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Northern Colorado.  After a reduction in force Mr. Montoya served as an Assistant Director for the Upward Bound Program, Directed the Diversity and Affirmative Action departments at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Mr. Montoya retired with 30 years of service.  He continued his work in education by authoring a drop-out-prevention grant that was funded through the Ford Foundation.  While an administrator Mr. Montoya managed annual budgets ranging from $25,000 to approximately $600,000 and as a D-70 Board Member the Board was responsible for a budget in excess of six (6) million dollars. 

Mr. Montoya participated in the Emerging Leaders Development Program through the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce and completed Board of Governance, Leadership Pueblo, and Leadership Plenty training.  Mr. Montoya served on several local boards and commissions including the Pueblo Area Council of Governments, Pueblo County School District 70 Board of Education, the Human Relations Commission, Pueblo African American Concerns Organization, the 20-20 Commission, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Community Services Advisory Commission, and the Steel City Eagles #3367

Nicholas DeSalvo Nicholas DeSalvo

Pueblo West residents:

My name is Nicholas DeSalvo, and I am running for the Board of Directors simply because I love Pueblo West, and I care deeply about our future.  I am a 17 year old student and grocery worker.  Although I am young, I firmly believe that I can bring the energy necessary to get things done on the board.  Also, I am running to bridge the gap between my generation, and older generations.  There is plenty of representation for those of an older demographic, but there is absolutely no representation for the Pueblo West residents who are under the age of 30.  Diversity is important, and diversity comes along with age.  I offer a fresh and extremely different perspective that has never been experienced on the board.  I am also running to open the line of communication between elected leadership, and citizens.  Over the course of my campaign, which I began in late February, I have interacted with the voters over social media.  I wanted to hear the issues that were important to them, and I built my platform from there.  The support I have gained from the voters was not by putting up banners, but by talking about the issues that mattered.  If elected, I firmly believe that I will be the most open and transparent board member that Pueblo West has ever seen. If you want to contact me, or find more information out about me, visit “Nicholas DeSalvo for Pueblo West” on Facebook.  

Herbert Myers HerbertMyers

Born in Denver, Colorado married for 23 years to a Pueblo girl. Our son is in the U.S. Army. I am a Cold War Veteran. I worked as a personal and corporate security specialist. I obtained my law enforcement certification at Colorado Mountain College. In 1986 I joined the Alamosa Sheriff’s Department as a Patrol Deputy Sheriff. In 1992 I joined the United Sates Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons in Florence Colorado. I have served our country and our state for most of my adult life. My work experience has involved a great deal of communication skill this communication experience involved volatile people and critical situations. My communications experience is needed on the metro board. I am for complete transparency and full accountability to the people. I am not a politician I will make no empty promises to get elected. I have "NO" business interests or ties with the district whatsoever. I am not raising any money for this campaign. I have no connection or ties to banking, the chamber of commerce or real estate. I am seeking a job as your representative. I believe government should incur no debt. Debt burdens our future generations without their consent. I will support any initiative to reduce or abolish taxes, and fee’s. They are theft and wealth redistribution from the people. I am a constitutionalist and fiscal conservative. I will support the people’s right to live without interference from their government. The people are entitled to their Life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. I will do everything within my power to identify and prevent even the appearance of waste, fraud, or abuse of the people’s money. There is no such thing as a special interest and no private enterprise should be funded with the people’s money. 

Kim Swearingen Kim Swearingen

Kimberly Swearingen is an honest and straightforward member of the Pueblo West community and has lived in the county for over 25 years. From humble beginnings, Kim was born to an immigrant father and strong-willed mother who instilled in her a love of learning and an endless curiosity about the mechanics of the world. This led her to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Business both from Colorado State University-Pueblo, eventually giving these skills back to her community as the Director of Utilities for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District and as an active volunteer for the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce. Her leadership was recognized by her peers when they voted her President for the American Society of Civil Engineers, Colorado Section. Currently working as a consultant, Kimberly is a Licensed Professional Engineer finding solutions to our biggest problems in water usage and responsible growth.

Many of the things which Kim holds most dear are in Pueblo West including her son and her first grandson, Liam, who has the most beautiful smile in the world. Kimberly feels blessed to have spent 28 years with her funny and musical husband before Multiple Sclerosis took him. His disease inspired Kim in her effort to help others fighting MS – raising untold sums in donations and peddling numerous miles in BikeMS, an annual Multiple Sclerosis Society bicycling event.

Kim is passionate about service and wants to fight for you bringing her private and public sector experience to the Pueblo West Metro District Board.  

Joe Mahaney Joe Mahaney picture for View

 Age - 76
Occupation – Retired Civil Engineer
Education – BSCE, BSMKT, MBA
l Pueblo West resident for 25 Years
married 49+ years
Children – two, ages 44 & 48

I feel Pueblo West should stick to the service plan and quit trying to become something that is too expensive to live in. The service plan includes recycling the treated waste water for use in irrigation rather than spend huge amounts of money so we can dump it in the river. Included in the plan is to compost the solids and develop alfalfa and hemp fields to consume the nitrates and phosphates that currently create costly discharge compliance. I feel that past metro boards have been obsessed with becoming a city so they can raise taxes and the cost of living. Our low cost of living is the very thing that has allowed Pueblo West to grow to a population of near 35,000 people. I feel the majority of the people that vote in municipal elections do not want to evolve into a government of higher taxes; instead they moved here for what it is, a low-density casual place. 

My objective is to participate with the Board of directors toward directing a sustainable Metro District. It is past time to decide what kind of community we want to be. I advocate for a low density, low cost of living, low taxes metro district.

Also, the Civic center building should be more centrally located near Fire Station #1, the library and Civic Center Park, not at the extreme east side of Pueblo West, and not a Palace of Bureaucracy. A practical swimming pool should be built near the high school. Citizens are, too thrifty to pay for a convention center and Amazon has made profitable commercial development difficult if not impossible.

Jami Baker Orr Jami Baker Orr

A Pueblo Native, Jami, loves her little town! Prior to real estate, Jami was a Dental Hygienist. At 27 she bought her first investment property & that sparked her love for real estate. She studied & received her license in real estate with the intention of learning about the marketplace so she could buy more investments. In 2002-2004 she subdivided 3 parcels of land and started working with a local home builder to put new construction homes on them and the rest is history!  Jami has maintained her Real Estate license for over 19 years. She has built a successful real estate team that continues to grow from her guidance and hard work.

Jami has lived in Pueblo West for 24 years and loves her community and all it offers. She looks forward to being part of the PW Metro Board and working with the community.

For fun Jami enjoys buying homes, working out, Sunday movies with her husband and spending time with her 4 children and 2 grandkids.   

Andy Blumberg AndyBlumberg

I am a small business owner in Pueblo West and I am primarily concerned about the growth and prosperity of our community. As a single dad of a 14 year old, I’d like to make sure that growth in Pueblo West is carefully planned so that everybody, including my own daughter, will know that the community is known as a clean and safe place to raise a family now and in the future, providing enough products, services and jobs for everyone. 

I am not a career politician, I am not a past government employee nor have I ever held any position in government. 

But here is what I am: I am a veteran. I am an ordinary citizen like you. I am passionate about my community. 

I have actively served in the Pueblo West Community as a member of the Pueblo West Rotary and have been a member for the past 12 years. As a member, I held numerous positions including president and this allowed me to lead several community projects.

Through these important community projects, I have been able to work directly with and maintain great communication and continued relationships with many of the departments within the Metro District - Fire Department, Parks and Rec and the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department.

Joe Easton Joe Easton

Hello, my name is Joe a Easton and I am running for the Pueblo West Metro Board. I would love to have your support and earn your vote! I am married to my beautiful wife Jayde , and we have 4 wonderful children , and 3 grandchildren.  I retired from Pueblo Community College as the Department Chair of Accounting and  Business Administration in 2018 . I have a BSBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Denver, and have also worked in the banking and brokerage business.  I have lived in Pueblo West for 17 years and love this community and the people. I am conservative, practical, and pragmatic in my approach to issues.  I believe in planning for and creating the future we want, not just waiting to see what the future holds and reacting. With 4 children, it is important to me that our children have the choice and opportunity to live and work in a Pueblo West, and not be forced to seek opportunity elsewhere!  Together we can build on what we have here, and make PW a thriving, safe, friendly place to live and work. I am asking you to join me me and I am asking for your vote!