Meet your 2023 Metro Board candidates

Six candidates are running for two open positions on the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors. As a service to voters, each candidate was asked to supply a photo and short biography about themselves.

Election Day is May 2, 2023. See more information about the 2023 Board of Directors election.

Note: Biographies have not been edited and are published as submitted by the candidates. Biographies are listed in the order the candidates will appear on the ballot.

Greg Roberts


I have been a resident of Colorado since 1993 and a 12-year resident of Pueblo West.  I served my country in the United States Army from 1982-1992, honorably discharged. I served our community for 23 years after retiring from the Department of Justice in 2016.  I have been married for 26 years, raised five kids in Fremont & Pueblo counties.  I have grandchildren in school in both counties. I am the owner of Roberts Pro Services Home Inspections since March 2020, recently moved back from Las Cruces, NM, in May of 2021.  I am active in the community through Oasis Church, School Board Meetings and servicing the home inspections needs of our citizens, active-duty Military, Veterans, First Responders, and correctional employees at all levels.  I wish to be an asset to the Pueblo West taxpayers by utilizing my strong communications skills, high moral compass, and high level of common sense, capturing the hopes and dreams of our Pueblo West Taxpayers.  I will be your White Elephant on this committee, calling in question every action and its cause and effect on the residential tax payers of Pueblo West! 

If you’re tired of the Status Quo that exists in government today and how your tax dollars are used, then I am your candidate!  If you think life in this community deserves a change for the better without increasing taxes and increasing services, vote for me!  I have worked for the government for most of my life, and during that time, I have come to realize that our so called “elected representatives” have lost their high level of integrity and undermined the needs and wants of the people who they work for and have been voted on to do a service for their constituents.  I represent change. If it’s broke, lets identify the problem, develop a strategy to solve and correct the problem, and then put it into motion.  If something is working well, we will leave it alone, and if something needs to run better, then let’s find a way to improve it.  My high level of integrity and high and unwavering moral compass points due North to ensure the Constitution of the United States and the rights, needs, and wants of the American people are upheld.  This nation was founded on the foundation of God, the Word of God, and basic American values.  Duty, Honor, & Country.  Remember your Oath and God Bless America.

Bill Vickers

Bill Vickers

Greetings Pueblo West community, I am running for a position on the Pueblo West Metropolitan Board of Directors. I am a Pueblo native that moved to Pueblo West in 1995. I have four grown children one of which is a biomedical teacher at Pueblo West High School. I operated a small business in Pueblo for 20 years then moved it to Pueblo West in 2003 and sold it in 2017. I have served off and on with the Committee of Architecture for 10 years bringing back adherence to the declarations of reservations as well as promoting an attitude of service rather than an attitude of forced compliance. I have a strong belief in representation government, meaning elected officials exist solely to represent the citizens, and their interests. I would like to see a more transparent government, one that advocates citizen involvement and one that represents its positions and goals openly to its citizens. We have a diverse population here, retirees as well as young families, I believe its incumbent on your elected officials to consider and balance those needs in a financially responsible way. If elected my priority would be first and foremost to promote open and forthright governance, be financially responsible with your tax dollar, and strive to enhance the community for your benefit. Please vote for Bill Vickers May 2.

Brian Axworthy

Brian Axworthy

My name is Brian Axworthy, and I am running for a seat on the Pueblo West Metro Board for the 2023 election.  I have lived on the north side of Pueblo West since 2011 with my beautiful wife and two sons.  While I’ve never dreamed of holding a political seat, I’ve been asked to run in this election as a conservative with Christian values who is known to be dedicated to the task at hand.  I am not a politician.  I am a simple, middle-classed citizen of Pueblo West, a family man, a dedicated employee, a supervisor, and a community member who has listened to some concerns and has chosen to act.

I am currently the Supervisor, or department head, of the Nutrition Services program for District 70.  Prior to working in school districts, I was a culinary faculty member at Pueblo Community College with the goal of better-preparing students for the culinary field.  Prior to that, I worked at Parkview Medical Center and the Pueblo Country Club.  But, that seems like ages ago.  Prior to moving to Pueblo, Colorado, my wife and I lived in the Carolinas, where I’ve held positions as a chef for a large convention center and even a five-star restaurant in a luxurious hotel.  No matter what facility or situation I was in, it was my duty to continually improve our services, cut extraneous costs, train and mentor my staff, treat everyone with compassion and understanding, and go above and beyond the call of duty.  I am a big believer in communication, transparency, and valuing the input and perceptions of others.  That same dedication and set of values will be used when positioned as Pueblo West Metro Board Member.

Kenneth Murry

Kenneth Murry

My name is Kenneth Murry and I am asking for your vote for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors.  My family and I have been residents of Pueblo West for approximately four years.  I have been a hard-working professional in the Electric Utility Industry for over twenty years.  My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology and a Master of Science degree in Finance.  I enjoy spending time volunteering for Junior Achievement of America, at homeless shelters feeding the needy and teaching finance/budget courses to those seeking to re-enter the workforce.  I also volunteer coach basketball & football for the YMCA of Pueblo.  I have served on the Advisory Council for Brother Francis homeless shelter in Alaska.  I served as an election board worker and was voted to Poll Supervisor.  I served as Finance Comptroller at my local church.  I am a problem solver, a critical thinker, a down to earth and relatable citizen of Pueblo West.  I offer a different and expansive way of thinking and would greatly appreciate your vote for a seat on the Pueblo West Board of Directors.

Robert Karasawa 

Robert KarasawaTake care of the money, the people will follow.  Take care of the people, the money will flow.

Having been in the finance industry for 15 years (8 in governmental accounting) has taught me that people and the work they do matter.  Boots on the ground on the front lines in the US Army, food service experience, and administrative finance has taught me a love for service.

I am humbled by the opportunity to continue to serve, to use my experience and resources to serve the people in this amazing community.  As public servants, the Pueblo West Metro Board works for the community and NOT for their own agenda.  As a Pueblo West Board Member, public relations and transparency are important to me; using our normal distribution platforms and exploring/expanding for mass communications so every resident can make be informed decision should a priority. The new mass alert system is a great start but there is room for growth.

My name is Robert Karasawa, proud resident of Pueblo West, Colorado, proud father raising a daughter in this amazing community, proud United States Army 82nd Airborne Division Veteran, and your Pueblo West Metro Board Member candidate. 

Brian Lucas

Brian LucasI'd like to take a minute and introduce myself. 

I am a father of 3 that was lucky enough to get married to my best friend! I moved to Pueblo West which feels like forever ago in 1996. I’ve seen this little gem of a town transform into what it is today, managing to keep its charm that is Pueblo West! 

After being forced to go to Centennial High School (I wasn’t forced, Pueblo West High School wasn’t finished being built) I stayed in town and went to the University of Southern Colorado to get my bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Computer Information Systems. 

After always telling myself and my family I’d never join the family construction business, I joined the family business. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with my family everyday working on projects that have helped shape Pueblo and Pueblo West.

After realizing one family business wasn’t enough, we started another family business bringing my sister and her husband into the fold opening Big Bear Wine & Liquor. We currently have a location on the Southside and one in Pueblo West.

I have been fortunate enough to sit on several boards and commissions such as Pueblo Planning and Zoning, Pueblo Zoning Board of Appeals, HARP Foundation, and Pueblo West Committee of Architecture just to name a few."