Snow Removal

The Pueblo West Streets and Roads Division is tasked with snow removal in order to keep streets safe and accessible during periods of snow and ice. The District’s focus is to provide snow and ice control services on primary and secondary routes.

The District contains a variety of types of streets and roadways. There are arterials, collector streets, streets that serve schools and hospitals, and residential loop streets. Arterials, collectors, school and hospital streets are prioritized as the first roads to receive snow removal treatments. This helps to ensure that all areas of the District are close to a plowed street and that emergency services can be provided. The Streets and Roads Dept will attempt to remove snow and ice from our roadways as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping roads open and essential traffic moving.

The Streets and Roads Dept applies “Ice Slicer” to designated roadways to help mitigate icy buildup of snow and ice that impedes safe traffic flows. Due to budgetary limitations, ice slicer is generally applied first to intersections, hills, and curves in the roads when temperatures are not lower than approximately 25 degrees. Plowing and sanding also occurs in these kinds of areas as needed, and within the capacity of available resources.