Development Process

From land purchase to building application to building permit to certificate of occupancy. This page gives the overview of the development process here at the Metro District.

Pueblo West is unique in that we are a special district, not a municipality. So as a quasi-governmental entity, our scope of authorization, which was determined at the inception of the District, only goes so far. Pueblo West is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Covenants adopted by the community that were recorded on all lots when each subdivision was created and recorded
  • Fire safety and emergency services
  • Parks, trails, open space and recreation programs
  • Overseeing the design, construction, use, maintenance and improvements of public roadway infrastructure and drainage 
  • Operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution system and water pump stations

Therefore, as the development process goes, in addition to ensuring compliance with any requirements from the above list, we work with Pueblo County, who ensures land use compliance, and the Pueblo Regional Building Department, who ensures building code compliance and permitting. A little different, and as a result it can be a little confusing, but we want to make sure the process stays as simple as it can be for you. Once you select a property you’d like to develop, below are the typical steps you can expect to take.

STEP 1. For any Industrial, Commercial, or Multi-Family Residential development, Contact Pueblo County Planning & Development to ensure permitted zoning use, and any determined special review that may be necessary.

STEP 2. Contact Pueblo West and we will arrange a meeting with all relevant departments to discuss your project to provide any feedback and direction to ensure the project will meet the standards of the Pueblo West Declaration of Reservations (our covenants), drainage and roadway requirements, and fire access. Having a preliminary site plan for this meeting is preferred.

STEP 3. Submit appropriate engineering documents to PWMD Engineering Department for review and approval. 

STEP 4. Submit appropriate application to the Pueblo West Committee of Architecture for project.

STEP 5. Once application is approved, submit plans to Pueblo Regional Building Department for building permit.

STEP 6. Pueblo Regional Building Department will provide a routing sheet that will need to be signed off throughout the construction process by the relevant departments from any of the necessary entities above.