Public Works Performance Measures

Strategic Plan Goal

Maintain existing public works infrastructure and ensure viability of resources to address emerging requirements to ensure public safety and community satisfaction.

Streets and Roads performance Measure graphic


Current Number


PCI. Assessed @ 60 or better (current 63)202063 (national average 60-65)Goal no less than 60Paved roads are analyzed based on a Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which is a rating that averages the condition of all paved roads within a network (i.e. the District). The national average for PCI is between 60-65 and our current rating is a 63.
Vitality. Assessed # of streets rated Excellent above 15% (current 21%)202021%Goal no less than above 15%
Backlog. Assessed @ 20% or below (current 18.5%)202018.50%Goal no less than 20%When paved roads are assessed, they fall into quality tiers: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Marginal, Poor, and Very Poor. Paved roads that are assessed as Poor or Very Poor are roads that need reconstruction or are at the last opportunity for surface base rehabilitation. The total mileage of these Poor or Very Poor condition roads compared to the total mileage of a network is calculated as a percentage and considered 'Backlog'. The Backlog represents the network's most costly improvements or maintenance needed. Within our limited budget, our goal is to maintain the roads across the District to ensure the Backlog stabilizes at an achievable amount until such a time as we can address them with additional funding.